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  • What will a styling session be like?
    We will always start the session with a coffee or tea and a chat. This will help us to get to know each other and for me to ask more in depth questions, enabling me to make the very most of your session. We will then visit the first shop that I feel would work for you. I will encourage you to comment on items you see, what you like, what you don't, what you might like but don't know how to wear, which colours appeal to you and which colours you shy away from. I will be picking up items I believe will work for you and will gently challenge you to try new shapes and styles you might never have considered. You will be surprised ! We will continue to visit shops that you might not have shopped at before, and tick items off your wish list as we go. I will guide you on colours, styles, trends and why pieces will work or not work for your body shape and colouring. I will show you how to put the pieces you choose together building outfits as we go. By the end of your session, you will have a strong idea of what works for you and have pieces to take home within your budget that you can't wait to try on. You should feel like you have been shopping with a friend. You will probably end the session tired but inspired !
  • What should I wear and bring for a session?
    Please wear clothes that are easy to take on or off as you will be trying lots of things on and wear comfortable flat shoes as we may cover a lot of ground. No need to bring heels as I can bring you pairs to try on from the shops we are in, so you can see how certain items look with heels. Do bring another bra option if you wear different styles of bra for day and evening wear.
  • How should I prepare for a home wardrobe consultation?
    We can make more of the session time if you separate your wardriobe into types of clothing. And do put aside items you want particular help or advice with.
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