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"Thank you so much Sunna ! I had such a fab time and love the new pieces I bought. You really helped me to understand what works best for me and helped me to move out of my comfort zone and try new things !"


Robyn 29

"Thanks for a wonderful shopping expedition. You are fantastic at your job! I am now on the way train home, tired but very pleased. You have given me the courage to do this presentation to 1000 people next week. Phew... I am going to wear my new outfit for the presentation. I feel super confident and comfortable in my outfit."

Sarah 58 

"Hi Sunna. It was a pleasure to meet you and I really enjoyed the day with you - you are very talented at what you do! Thank you so much for the detailed summary as above, I really appreciate the time you have taken on that. I will definitely be using your services again!. Thanks Lucy x"


Lucy 36

"I really enjoyed our session together and it has given me a lot of food for thought. I think you are incredibly tactful in challenging my perception of what looks good on me. Your positivity has also given me hope that there is life in the ageing body of a 47 year old yet. Keep on the great work. You make people feel different about themselves and this is such a valuable thing to do."

Dirk 47

"Thanks again Sunna. Am over the moon about all the lovely things we got yesterday. Am online right now getting the rest! Also booked a cheeky trip to Nice for May so I can get my lovely swimwear out. xxx"


Greer 38

"I had such a fun morning, thank you so much Sunna. Your help and advice was invaluable and I actually can't wait to get back to work to wear all my gorgeous new clothes xx"


Gemma 37

"Thanks Sunna. It was a great shopping trip :-). It was just what I needed to kick start my new post-baby wardrobe! Thanks for all your help x"

Sonia 32

"Thank you so much Sunna, this is so incredibly helpful! The experience has been a major step in me finding confidence again, and was a lot of fun. xx"

Dan 33

"Thank you so much for the reference photos and for all your help, it's great to have everyting written down! Thank you so much again for our time today, I'm so excited about my purchases and I really hope we can do this again soon. I hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend and thank you so much again."


Claire 38

"Hi Sunna. Thank you for an amazing day :-) You have been wonderful !!! x"


Carole 40

"I just returned from a fantastic one hour styling appointment with Sunna! I didn’t really know what to expect and I just thought that I might get some ideas about dressing for my body-shape. In fact, I came away with 4 new outfits! It would have taken me weeks to find these outfits and they still wouldn’t look as good. I’m amazed what was achieved in the time. THANK YOU! I am going to tell all my friends to book x"

Keren 26

"I had a great styling session with Sunna. She was absolutely brilliant, found clothes I wouldn't normally wear and I liked them. She really knows her stuff and is very friendly and professional, she went above and beyond and into her own time to continue the session which I really appreciated. It was like shopping with a friend and I could have spent the whole day with Sunna.
Highly recommend and thank you!"

Dee 36 

"Thank you so much for Saturday, it was so much fun! I love all my new clothes." xxx

Lucia 40

"I just wanted to say I loved our shopping experience! It's really inspired me to shop again, and I have a full update of my clothes! "

Depinder 36

"Sunna I would like to thank you very much. It was a really great experience. You have a great eye for fashion and loads of patience. You are super friendly and you made sure it was a relaxed fun experience, not a rushed one. I bought tons of stuff too so a big thank you!

Tammy 41

"Hello lovely. I'm so tired after yesterday. Brain overload and sore feet, but so worth it !! I had such a great time ! Thank you for being so generous with your time and support. I'm looking forward to wearing everything and mixing up the things we bought with my current clothes. My husband loved my fashion show last night ! :-)"

Kim 50

"I just returned from an amazing two hour session with Sunna at Westfield!

I was hoping to come away with a nice outfit for my 40th but I came away with two outfits for my birthday plus some everyday items that I love. The most productive two hours I’ve ever spent shopping or otherwise! In two hours at Westfield, I would have had a coffee, struggled to find anything I like, felt overwhelmed and left. Sunna guided me around the mall so quickly and efficiently and she knew exactly where to go straight away.

If it saves me time, stress and money I’m in! Money well spent. xxx"

Mags 39

"Thanks so much Sunna! It was a lot of fun and really helped me look at things I wouldn't have considered! Thanks again !! x"

Sam 46

"I had a styling experience last weekend with Sunna. She was fantastic and instantly made me feel comfortable and fabulous. She knew exactly what I wanted out of the session and picked some lovely items for me. I felt very pampered and she even went over our allotted time slot to make sure I could pick up the pieces I was after. It was lovely not having to think about what to buy and I will definitely be back next season to see Sunna again. Friends and family already very interested also!"

Hannah 34

"I had an eye opening shopping experience with Sunna at Westfield White City.Sunna has an incredible eye to detail when it comes to spotting items that look of a higher quality. She not only showed me a new perspective on how to pair the items with the existing ones I have, she also gave me the confidence to wear the items that are out of my comfort zone."

Darya 25

"Thanks again for today - I am so happy with my wardrobe refresh!!"


Cath 44

"This is the first time I’ve had a personal styling session so was a bit apprehensive but Sunna put me at ease straight away. I had a really fun afternoon. My new outfits have given me a great boost which is just what I needed after lockdown."

Mac 46

"I had the two hour styling boost with Sunna which was such a fun and fabulous experience. In just two hours Sunna guided me to the right shops and gave me invaluable insight into the styles and colours that work for me. She immediately engaged with me to get a sense of ‘who I am’ and was brilliant at putting together combinations that I would never have thought of. She also gave me the confidence to try things that I might have wanted to try but not felt relaxed or confident enough to do on my own."

Phil 58

"Sunna was amazing! I came away with countless outfits that I love. She was warm, friendly and fun and I'd recommend her to anyone."

Carl 46

"Best day ever ! So helpful. I'm such a lost cause for fashion and now I know exactly what to get. It was like I was in a fog before. I should have done this a long time ago but I didn't know it existed."

Robin 36

"I booked a Half Day Styling Session with Sunna at London Fashion Insider. I had just come into some money and was looking to invest in some beautiful, timeless, quality pieces. She took me to Mayfair and Notting Hill where she picked dresses out for me at Hayley Menzies, Alice Temperley and Missoni.

The experience was so much fun: it made shopping stress free and so enjoyable. She has a wonderful eye for detail and totally understands my body shape: picking out pieces that fitted around my bust and slim back and flared out around my tummy. My good areas are really accentuated in the four beautiful dresses I bought: two from Hayley Menzies, one from Alice Temperley and most excitingly a real Missoni dress of my own. I will definitely use this service again. It was perfect!"

Cordelia 40

"Sunna is an absolute star and worth her weight in gold!"

Hilda 58

"Sunna was very professional and helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to upgrade their wardrobe and gain some much needed fashion/style tips!"

Sajid  28

"I have always admired British style so when I last visited the UK I decided to treat myself to a half day styling session with Sunna and I’m so glad I did! Sunna picked up on my style straight away and showed me which pieces would be most versatile, timeless and flattering for me. She introduced me to small independent boutiques Iike A Child of The Jago, a shop I would have admired only through the window but felt unsure to step inside and mixed it up by taking me to Monsoon and H & M and identifying fun flattering pieces that I loved!"

"It was a delight to explore my style with Sunna with her expert advice and warm guidance."

Naomi 48

"I had a great morning with Sunna going round a selection of stores on Regents Street. Sunna did a really good job of challenging me to branch out into a more varied range of styles. She put together a capsule wardrobe bought from a variety of stores from top end to Uniqlo and Massimo Dutti. It was a really insightful morning and great fun! Now a couple of months later, I am really enjoying wearing the clothes that I bought -even though (or partly because) they are quite different from what I used to wear. I would definitely do it again!"

Alistair 50

 "My session was a gift from my husband and I didn't know what to expect but I enjoyed it so much and absolutely love my new purchases! It was like shopping with a friend who knows exactly what suits you and where to get it"

Elle 36

"Thank you Sunna for your advice and energy! Best fathers day present I could have wished for."

Simon 56

"THANKS SO MUCH for your help, What a fun day we had...already worn the white dress and might also get the black if it comes on sale. I'm wearing the blue one tomorrow evening. I'll be asking for you to help again very"

Helen 50

My time with Sunna on my personal shopping experience was absolutely brilliant. She is the perfect person for the job. She’s so warm and puts you at ease instantly. She had clearly done some serious prep work and just instantly got me, my style and what I was looking for. She made me feel confident to bring my own suggestions to the dressing room whilst bringing amazing suggestions of her own. She wasn’t pushy at all and always put my thoughts and feelings at the forefront. She always explained why and item worked or didn’t work for me so I was constantly absorbing info and advice. I could go on forever and I’ve been telling everyone I know to book the same experience. My postman may even be giving you a call! Thank you so much for the perfect post baby gift! I am set up to be the sassiest mum at baby sensory and I am going to be completely unapologetic about it!

Ella Bell 37

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