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Styling a fashion shoot (behind the scenes)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Although I've styled on several ecommerce shoots, this was the first shoot where I had total creative freedom, could use any designers I liked and let my imagination run wild. The only brief was high fashion with a sexy edge and Saint Laurent was on the mood board. It was originally going to be shot in black and white so I went for a monochrome theme with pops of metallic. I focused on textures such as leather, fringing, lace, tulle and organza. It ended up being a colour shoot but the theme still worked really well and gave the images a Chanel/Saint Laurent high fashion feel. Below are some 'behind the scenes' pics I took on the day. Can't wait to see the photographers final images!

With only two days to prep for the shoot in lockdown, I was lucky to have incredibly talented designer friends, from my days of buying for my Notting Hill boutique (Yates Buchanan) and a glamazon of a model to dress! All the clothes are by Gomez Gracia and the corset (worn here over a shirt and trousers) is by Deborah Brand. The pearl and velvet headband was a Primark find. I love mixing high end fashion with high street for shoots, with my personal styling clients and in my own wardrobe :-) I was also lucky to work with such an incredible team. Photographer: Dan Cristian Filimon, Model: Luise Hasse, Makeup: Jo Sugar using One Skin and Danessa Myricks, Hair: Tim Furssedonn using L'Oreal Pro.

Although I prepped most of the outfits in my head, they changed and evolved when the model was in front of me. The hair and makeup guided me too. There is something about working in a team, bouncing of each other's creativity, that is such fun:-) I have the same feeling when acting with a co-star and when styling a private client too, as I feed off their reactions. Although this shoot was somewhat restricted by social distancing and wearing masks, Tim, who did the hair, brought his little dog, who cheered us all up by making a bed in the model's suitcase and just being generally adorable :-)

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