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brunette client trying on long shirt dress in gorgeous print at Hayley Menzies

Women's Wardrobe Consultation & Shopping

What's included in your session:


Wardrobe consultation at your home followed by lunch and a 3 hr shopping trip. Lunch and coffee included. 


Wardrobe Consultation - 3 hours


  • A pre - session questionnaire to fill in, enabling me to tailor your session uniquely to you.
  • An edit of your clothes so that, when you open your wardrobe, you only have items in your wardrobe that suit you.
  • Create new outfits by mixing, matching and accessorising existing items in fresh ways 
  • Tips on how to dress for your individual shape and lifestyle.
  • Advice on colours and tones that will light you up.
  • Photos of you in your new outfits.
  • A list of the types of items that would make your wardrobe complete.


One hour for lunch and travelling to the shopping destination.


Shopping Trip - 3 hours


  • Buy the items that you need to complete your wardrobe.
  • Find out which shops and brands work for you.
  • Learn about trends and how you can apply them to suit you.
  • After the full session you will recieve a mini style summary to remind you of all the tips you have learnt during your session.
  • This is a 7hr session.
  • To schedule your date and time:

    After purchasing your session please go to 'Contact' to schedule your date and time. 


    If you have any questions at all, do message me in 'Contact' or call me on +44 (0)7595 942 338

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